After decades of collaboration, we are thrilled to continue celebrating our enduring partnership with TAP. This unique and enchanting art form has been an integral part of our journey, weaving a thread of creativity, imagination and raising awareness about Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus throughout the years. Together, we have explored the boundless possibilities of storytelling, bringing characters to life with the delicate and skillful movements of puppets.

Meet The Puppets!

Bonnie Charbonneau

Hello! My name is Bonnie Charbonneau and I am 8 years old. I use the pronouns she/her! I used to live in Northern Ontario near the French River! I loved living there! My family moved to Toronto just a little while ago, so I am getting used to living in my new home here! I visit my friends in the French River a lot because it is sooo much fun! I love to fish and go on camping trips in the summer time! I also love to act, sing and dance! Oh! Did I tell you that I am a person who is living with spina bifida? I didn’t! Oh ha! It’s no big deal! I use braces and crutches to help me get around and sometimes I use a wheelchair if my class is going on long school trips! Right now at my new school, there are auditions for a musical! I am so excited! I really want to play the part of Princess Elsa but I am quite nervous and not too sure I can handle the part. My friend James says he will help me with my audition, he is the greatest! – Fingers crossed! Hope I get a part! Do you like to sing too? Let me know & maybe I will see you at the theatre!!

Andrew Langlois

Hello there my name is Andrew Langlois! I am 7 and 3/4 years old. I use he/him pronouns. I have a long Canadian history as I was born and raised in Toronto. I am a person who is living with hydrocephalus. Just so we can be friends! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, when I play sledge hockey or any other sports I wear a helmet to protect my head. Hey, you should wear one too! See you on the rink!

Mara Meikle

Hi there! My name is Mara Meikle and I am 11 years old. I use she/her pronouns and I love the wintertime. I was born in the big city of Toronto! I love to go to movies, eat popcorn and have fun with my friends! I also love to ski! I want to compete, one day, in the Paralympics games! I exercise regularly to build my leg muscles and I strengthen and stretch my arm muscles too. I work with my coach who taught me how to ski, almost every day! I am a person living with spina bifida and I usually use a wheelchair to get around. I also have a walker & braces and crutches if I need them! I have tons of equipment to help me do ALL of the things that I want to do! For skiing, I race using my Track Three equipment! I go down the hill sitting in a bucket that has one ski on the bottom and then I have two poles that have a ski on the bottom… that makes three! I go around each gate so fast you can hardly see me. We get to go on ski trips with our grade 6 class- I am so excited because I am going to teach my friend John how to ski! He has never been skiing before! It is going to be an awesome day! See you on the slopes!

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Our puppets break down barriers and enable students to have rich conversations and learn about a variety of topics.

Note: We are an approved partner with the Toronto District School Board.