Gifts of Securities

Benefit from Tax Savings by Giving Gifts of Securities

Take Advantage of Outstanding New Tax Savings!

When a gift of securities is made to Hydrocephalus Canada you can rest assured that you are supporting vital programs, public education and research. Your gift will help improve the quality of life for thousands of people across Canada living with the unique challenges of hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida.

Your gift of securities entitles you to an official donation receipt for the full market value of your donation.

Following the elimination of capital gains on donations of publicly traded securities, a gift of securities is now the most tax efficient way to make a charitable donation. Your gift will result in a generous, non-refundable tax credit that will have the effect of lowering your taxes. You can use your tax credit in the year of your gift or carry it forward for up to 5 years.

You pay no capital gains on the appreciated value of your securities.

If you own publicly traded securities or mutual funds that have increased in value, you may want to consider donating the securities directly to Hydrocephalus Canada. As of May 2, 2006, the Federal Government eliminated capital gains taxes on appreciated securities donated to a charity. Your gift of securities will eliminate the capital gains taxes you would ordinarily have to pay on those securities and protects the tax credits for use against other taxable income.

How to Make a Gift of Securities to Hydrocephalus Canada

Simply click on the Donate Securities button and follow the directions on the CanadaHelps page.