Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving: Make a Life Changing Impact

Hydrocephalus Canada is a national charity that is dedicated to providing education, information, awareness, and support to individuals and families impacted by hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida in Canada. We achieve a great deal of our mission with extremely limited resources, and we do so, in part though generous donations from monthly donors – those individuals who commit to giving a certain amount to support our cause on an ongoing basis. 

Monthly donations help HC to develop education resources and support tools for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, creating solutions that support prevention, early and accurate diagnosis and access to appropriate treatment, as well as advancement of new treatments and optimal outcomes to ensure those living with the conditions are living their best lives.

What You Do Matters

As the voice of Canadians living with hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida, we are driven to support those impacted by these conditions to experience the best life possible. We do this by establishing environments that protect, support, and enhance the lives of those living with, or at risk of developing, hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida.  To have the type of impact we want to make on the world, we are reliant on the support and dedication of our many donors and volunteers. Monthly giving provides a sustainable, ongoing source of funding that allows us to continue to do all that we need to do, while also reducing administrative costs.  It also allows us to make longer-term strategic decisions to advance our mission.

As the year winds down and we put attention to our vision for the year ahead, we encourage those of you who are passionate about supporting the hydrocephalus and spina bifida community to consider making a monthly gift.  Your monthly donation will allow us to continue to support those who need our help the most.

Your generous monthly support will assist HC in providing more support, improve awareness of the conditions, and fund more research. Show your support of our mission by pledging to give a manageable amount each month over the year. Your gift of $5, $10, $25, or any amount will help us to find the answers our families, friends, — and everyone affected by hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida so desperately need.

Become a Monthly Donor Today

Support us through our Monthly Giving Club. Your gift will provide a constant source of funds that allows us to plan ahead. Monthly giving is an affordable and effective way to make a difference in the lives of all individuals with hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida.
For more information email or call 800-387-1575.