Your Brain

Your brain is your control centre

Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It is part of your central nervous system (CNS) and controls essentially everything you do. Containing billions of cells, your brain is constantly sharing messages through trillions of pathways so you can live your life to the fullest.
The human brain is made up of three main areas; the brain stem, cerebellum and cerebrum. Your brainstem is responsible for breathing, heart rate and sleep. The cerebellum is associated with balance and coordination. And, the cerebrum, which makes up most of your brain, has many functions. It is divided into two parts called hemispheres. The right hemisphere is generally associated with language while the left manages our ability to understand and mentally manipulate objects in 2 and 3-dimensional spaces. Each hemisphere, which is connected by nerves that share messages, has four lobes:

Your brain and hydrocephalus

Your brain is protected by your skull, three layers of cushiony membranes, and an essential clear liquid called cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF. When CSF flows freely, it delivers important nutrients and chemicals from the blood, removes waste products, and provides a protective cushion for your brain. When too much CSF accumulates, it causes a chronic neurological condition called hydrocephalus.