Hydrocephalus Canada’s Newest Volunteers

written by Mary Dufton

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Hydrocephalus Canada is proud to announce our 2 newest volunteers!

Ana-Maria Oproescu

HC Youth Ambassador

With a strong vision for increasing awareness and leading change, I help promote the voices and experiences of youth living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. I deliver fact-based advocacy and engage partners in developing new ways of facilitating accessibility, making it easier with these youth to thrive in our communities and workplaces. You can email me at yaambassador@hydrocephalus.ca .

Ashley McKeller

Parent Link

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and my 3 year old son has hydrocephalus. I am honoured to volunteer with Hydrocephalus Canada, as the support they have provided us as a family has been invaluable. As a new parent link, I am excited to connect with individuals or families about their experiences, provide resources, or be a friendly person you can talk with about your kid(s). You can email me at parentlink@hydrocephalus.ca. Looking forward to connecting with you

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