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Give Your Brain a Workout - FOR FREE!!

The makers of BRAINAGE have a website, www.freebrainagegames.com where you can try some great games that will give your brain a workout. TRY IT NOW!

Research Supports Folic Acid Fortification

The National Post reports researchers at McGill University support fortifying bread and other food with folic acid. Women should also take supplements before and around the time they get pregnant, a recommended made by many experts.

Spinach Gets a Folic Acid Boost

Folic-acid levels in store-bought spinach as much as double after nine days under fluorescent lighting, according to new research highlighted in the January 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Child Participation Study

What will the researchers be doing?
As a participant in this study, they will show your child pictures of children doing different activities and ask your child if they participate in the activities in the pictures. The researchers will then ask your child why they participate in the activities they do, and why they do not participate in other activities.

New Ontario Brain Institute Funded by Provincial Government


On November 15, 2010, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced $15m in start-up funds for a new research initiative called the Ontario Brain Institute.

Job Search Skills Workshop

Tax Tips For The 2016 Taxation Year

Members Approve Proposal to Create New National Association

February 28 – At a Special Meeting of the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario (SBHAO), held Sunday, February 26, 2017, members voted to approve the proposed transition of SBHAO to Hydrocephalus Canada.

Board Chair Claudio Cinapri, chaired the meeting, which was called to advise members about the proposal and to explain why the Board was recommending the change in geographic reach and organizational focus.

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