IA Financial Group Community Charity Contest

The IA Financial Group Community Charity Contest is a philanthropic competition designed to recognize and support charitable organizations that are making a positive difference in their communities. The contest invited non-profit organizations to submit proposals outlining their initiatives and how the grant would support people with disabilities and their communities. The submissions were evaluated based on their alignment with IA Financial Group’s philanthropic values and the potential impact on the community. Hydrocephalus Canada was selected as a finalist for the contest and we appeared in the public vote portion of the contest.


This is where the power of our community came together to cast their votes for our Families Changing Lives Campaign. We asked you to encourage your friends, families and peers to cast their votes. Each vote pushed us further towards winning the contest. We ultimately finished in second place and were awarded $20,000 for our efforts.


The funds received are going towards supporting a multi-tiered program that provides direct support and resources to individuals and families impacted by hydrocephalus and spina bifida and extends these services to new communities across Canada. These services include providing guidance for parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis of one or both conditions, parents with school-aged children with learning disabilities associated with the conditions, and one-on-one support for impacted adults who are looking for resources on topics such as employment, mental health and financial and digital literacy. Resources include a helpline, peer networking services, a scholarship and bursary program, community outreach, an online resource centre and more.


Winning the $20,000 grant from the IA Financial Group Community Charity Contest is a significant achievement for HC’s Families Changing Lives Campaign. The funds will allow the campaign to extend its reach and impact, providing vital support to families across Canada. We thank you for engaging with us and casting your vote, sharing with your networks and championing the program. We could not have done it without you!