50 Years of Leadership: Our Past and Current Board Chairs

portrait of michael bailey
photo of gillian akai, chair of HC BoardOur organization has benefitted from 50 years of leaders. Individuals who stepped up to guide us. Firstly, as parents supporting parents, and then helping us grow in response the ever changing needs of people living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, their families and caregivers. As we CELEBRATE the last 50 years, we thank each and every one of them, and all of the other people who joined our Board of Directors, for their selfless dedication.

1971-72 Michael Bailey

1972-73 Gordon Baker

1973-74 Shirley Kimmel

1974-75 Heather Carron

1975-76 Harvey Baumgarten

1976-77 Janet Baker

1977-78 Rodney Walsh

1978-79 Bonnie Charbonneau

1979-80 Sharon Haney

1980-81 Lenore Cronin

1981-83 Maureen Gibson

1983-84 Aileen Lukow

1984-86 David Balsillie

1986-87 Neil McGavock

1987-89 Art Plug

1989-91 Elle Warner

1991-93 Paul Scale

1993-95 Derryn Gill

1995-97 Catherine Leitch

1996-99 Edna Arcand

1999-2001 Sharon Colle

2001 Catherine McKay

2001-2007 Derryn Gill

2007-2013 Marc Garson

2013-2020 Claudio Cinapri

2020-Present Gillian Akai