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Luciana Spring Mascarin

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My Autobiography-Luciana Spring Mascarin

February 20, 1978-Just born

Me in Disney World with nurse Suzanne, September 27, 1990

It was a cold, cold night, the night of February 20th, 1978, when I Luciana Spring Mascarin, was born. Five pound, five ounce baby girl. My parents named me Luciana because I look so much like my father. I was born at Grace Hospital in Windsor, Ontario at 5:35 am.

In my family I found my mom, Betty Annalee Mascarin, and my dad, Luciano Mascarin. I also found out I had a big sister named Kimberely Winnett Mascarin. When I was born, she was ten years old.

I was not your ordinary healthy baby. I have a birth defect called spina-bifida. Five doctors told my mom and dad to not feed me and to just let me die. Before I knew I, along with a nurse was flown to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. When I got there I was greeted by a team of three doctors. My first surgery was a little over eight hours. Two weeks after my surgery my big sister Kim came to see me. That was a nice visit. Then when I was brought home a month later I was home less than forty-eight hours when I had to be taken back to Toronto for another 33 days. But when I finally did get to go home and stay home for a while my mom, dad, and Kim took great care of me.

When I was just under nine months old I pulled myself up and took my first step. Everyone was amazed and rather surprised. But then when they noticed I was stepping on my ankles mom told the doctors and I had to go to Toronto to get braces for my legs.

It was February 20th again and it was my first birthday. That was really fun. Mom, dad, Kim, and grandpa gave me lots of neat toys to play with. Wow, what a day that was! I was one year old.

Boy were the days of being one fun and adventurous. By now I could crawl anywhere, talk a little, and walk some with my leg braces. Being one was just great, but when I was about one and a half I had to go back to Toronto for my forth surgery. I stayed in the hospital for about a month after that surgery.

It was now December 24th 1979 and I was put in bed early. Imagine that! I did not know what was going on. The next morning when I got up I found lots of gifts. I loved them. So that night I went to bed early, but when I got up, nothing! I did not understand, but oh well.

On February 20th when I turned two I got a cake with my name on it. I tried to eat it but I made such a mess. I did a much better job when I turned three.

It was the year 1981 and my mom was starting to get really big. She told me this was because she was going to have another little baby. On June 25th I spotted some more gifts. They were for Kim because it was her birthday. She was fourteen years old. I got nothing!

On August 9th my mom had my baby sister Brenda. On August 10th and 11th my dad took me to the hospital to see my mom and my new baby sister Brenda. Then on August 14th my mom came home with Brenda. All the new baby did was cry, sleep, and eat. I did not find her very interesting, but everyone else thought she was so cute. I must admit that I did think she was cute and I loved to hold her.

On September 5th, 1981 I started pre-school. I made lots of friends. My first friend was Kelly Carter. It was about a month since I had turned four when I had to go back to Toronto to have another surgery.

On April 17th my family and I went to Tennessee for a week. In that week we saw my aunts, uncles, and grandma. That was a fun vacation but boy was it ever hot.

In July we moved to Broderick road. In the new house I had to share a room with Brenda. This made me a little annoyed. And you know what, Kim got her very own room. It was now the last day of pre-school and in two months I would be in kindergarten at Prince Andrew Public School. In kindergarten I met two nice girls that were my age. They were Shannon McLaughlin and Jennifer Wharram. I loved kindergarten, but it went by very fast.

Now I was in grade one. My grade one teacher was Mrs. Mehenka. I was in school all day! Boy was that ever strange. Me, at 4 years old, playing with my sister Brenda.

In March when I was seven I had to have another surgery. Summer that year, 1985, was really cool. We got an above ground pool. It was September again. Time for a new year and new teacher. My grade two teacher was Mrs. Faccahia.

On February 20th when I turned eight I just could not believe it. Brenda was four and Kim would soon be nineteen. In March we went to Tennessee and took Chris (Kim’s boyfriend) with us. Holy moly was that some trip. First of all, it is a twelve hour drive down there, and a twelve hour drive back. As soon as we gotthere I started running a fever of 104.6. So we had to turn around and drive right back. That sure was some long day.

On August 16th, 1986 I was a flower girl at Kim’s wedding. The bad thing about Kim getting married was she was leaving home to have her own house. But the great thing was I would have a room all to myself.

I had the same teacher for grade three as I had for grade two. In October I had another surgery. Two days after Christmas, Shannon McLaughlin’s family and my family took off to Disney World in Florida. That was one great trip. We spent a week there. We visited Disney World two times and Sea World once. The only bad thing about the trip was going back to school when we got home.

In March, 1987 we went to Tennessee again. This time I did not get a fever. That summer, when school was finally over we went to Canada’s Wonderland. That was reallyneat. My sister and I went on all the rides.

In grade four, I had Miss Wagner as my teacher. When March break came again, back to Tennessee we went. This time when we got thereat 9:30 in the night we went right to the hospital because our grandma was not well. Turns out it is a good thing that the nurse let us in because two o’clock while sleeping we received a phone call from the hospital. Grandma died.

When we got back we had to have these long tests in school. They were very hard. We worked on them for a week or so. In April my mom, dad, Brenda and I went to Florida by ourselves to relax. By then I had had around fourteen operations. In Florida we did not go to Disney World but we took a cruise to the Bahamas. BIG mistake. That was one big nightmare. First of all they overbooked. So you could just hardly get around let alone breathe. The weather sure did not help being 108 degrees, and having the air conditioner break down. The only place that was air conditioned was the gambling casino. Kids under eighteen were not allowed in there. So then they have the nerve to go and turn off the power. My parents had to carry me and my wheelchair from floor to floor if we wanted to go anywhere. You can safely say that almost nothing that day went right.

Grade five now, wow! I had Miss Wagner again. On November 17th, 1988 I was on my way down to the second floor at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto to have another surgery. This time I had a back surgery. I was in the hospital until December 5th. When I went home I was not there but for one week when my back leaked fluid. I had to go back on December 11th and have my back repaired. I was in the hospital over Christmas. It was kind of sad because almost everyone else had visitors, but seeing that we live almost five hours away, my dad and sister really could not make the trip. The reason for this is because just three days before I went to Toronto my dad broke his right arm and Brenda had a cold.

Christmas in the hospital was not that bad. The hospital gave out lots of gifts. They were not cheap gifts either. Oh well it was okay. We celebrated on January 15th when mom and I got home. In March, my back started to hurt really bad. It was terrible. Then nine months later when I was in Mrs. Bassi’s grade six class, I had to have my back operated on again. That surgery was to good to be true. I was out of the hospital in eight days. Like I said that surgery was to good to be true. I spent that Christmas in a hospital in Windsor with the scare of Meningitis. Turns out (thank gosh) that I did not have it.

Something very special was happening in our lives. Soon, June 24th. I would be an aunt. Everyone in our family and all of our good friends were excited for the arrival of Kim’s baby. In January my mom received a call saying that I was booked for my 17th surgery. The date was April 24th , wow fast enough. I was most scared for this surgery because I was supposed to be in the hospital two or three months. But by that time I could be an aunt. I guess there was nothing I could do about it.

On my way to Toronto, I talked my dad into taking me to Cedar Point and Kings Island. When we got there, I was VERY scared. Little did I know I was out of the hospital in sixteen days.  At the baby shower, on June 2nd, 1990, I got to announce all the games. Kim got a lot of really nice stuff. Brenda and I gave her a stroller. At the end of the day there was a ton of food left. We had left overs for the next week. 

Then on June 18th, Kim had my seven pound, three ounce baby nephew, Jeremy Christopher Ionson!! He is so cute. On September 4th, 1990 I started grade seven. My teacher this year is Mr. Newman. This year inaddition to the new grade and new teacher we have an additional over two hundred new kids.

On September 18th Jeremy turned three months old. He is getting huge. He weighed around 15 pounds. On September 27th I went to Disney World for the day. I got to ride everything. I could not believe it. I love Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railway. Both the roller-coaster’s. I had a GREAT time!!

I’m now up to date with everything that has happened in my twelve and a half years of life. My hobbies are swimming, reading, writing, and you can probably tell I also love to ride roller-coaster’s.

To this day October first, 1990, I have had seventeen operations. I’m glad my parents fed me, and kept fighting for me. And when times in my life got low and everyone just felt like giving up, I’m glad they did not, because look at me today.