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Kidz & Youth Book Club

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The SB&H Kidz and Youth Book Club is a program created specifically to help children and youth between the ages of 4-19 who have spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus (sb/h) by giving them complimentary, age appropriate books about spina bifida, hydrocephalus and other disability related issues. These books have been chosen in order to provide young people with tools to assist them in daily living, understanding what the effect of these conditions will mean for their future and how they can live life to the fullest. Using an engaging and positive approach, book club selections prepare them for the years ahead. 

"Children learn about emotional and practical situations through story, often by subconsciously identifying with specific characters or “role models”. It’s hugely empowering for all children to find a character that reflects their own lives."    
K. Saunders, Consultant for disability awareness books, London, England


Children with sb/h can feel isolated, almost as if they are the only ones facing these issues, but they are not alone. SB&H is here to help! The SB&H Kidz and Youth Book Club plays a vital role in helping children and youth, especially those isolated by geography and limitations of their  disability, deal with these concerns. When education begins at an early age, young people with sb/h will gain strength, knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions that are appropriate for their health and their future. 

Kidz & Youth Book Club materials address topics such as self-catheterization, mental and physical health, social skills, weight management, diet, physical activity, personal care, managing health care visits and more. We determine suitable titles for children and youth based on age, gender, condition and effects of the condition (i.e. wheelchair user, brace user). 

These resources are not readily available in local bookstores and are sourced and acquired from disability organizations worldwide. SB&H has, so far, identified 21 valuable titles for children and teens with sb/h and is eager to expand the program. Examples of book titles include; Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair, The Spina Bifida Potty Book, and Easy for You to Say, Q&A for Teens Living With Chronic Illness. Books are mailed to children and youth with sb/h as they come of age. Others are distributed through attendance at more than 35 clinics at children’s treatment centres, including Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Toronto and ErinoakKids, Mississauga. 

Book Club selections for younger children use a positive and entertaining approach to explain what it means to have these conditions. For teens, the information they need is presented in a way that they can relate to and understand. 


I really appreciate the fact that this Association provides relevant reference material.  There is so much information out there that sometimes it is hard to know what to read-at least until I found SB&H. The books help me to find ways to explain to my daughter and other kids why she is “different.” These books have a positive vibe and are so helpful, especially with my daughter starting school in September.   A parent & SB&H member



If you have a son or daughter between the ages of four and nineteen, and would like more information or book(s) sent to you under the SB&H Kidz & Youth Book Club, please contact SB&H