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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Child Participation Study

What will the researchers be doing?
As a participant in this study, they will show your child pictures of children doing different activities and ask your child if they participate in the activities in the pictures. The researchers will then ask your child why they participate in the activities they do, and why they do not participate in other activities.

University of Waterloo-led team develops new technique to study birth defects

WATERLOO - a University of Waterloo-led engineering research team has discovered a breakthrough technique that allows experts to see how humans cells and tissues evolve and grow in the embryo.

Job Search Skills Workshop

Tax Tips For The 2016 Taxation Year

Members Approve Proposal to Create New National Association

February 28 – At a Special Meeting of the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario (SBHAO), held Sunday, February 26, 2017, members voted to approve the proposed transition of SBHAO to Hydrocephalus Canada.

Board Chair Claudio Cinapri, chaired the meeting, which was called to advise members about the proposal and to explain why the Board was recommending the change in geographic reach and organizational focus.

Ontario Government Extends Deadline for Public Input Into AODA Customer Service Standard

After much prodding by the The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Committee, the Ontario Government has extended the deadline for public input on the AODA Customer Service Standard to May 22, 2014 from April 16.

Tax Tips for the 2013 Taxation Year

This guide was compiled by Graeme Treeby of The “Special Needs” Planning Group. It is not to be taken as Accounting or Tax advice but rather, as a resource to provide a starting point for your journey through the maze that is Income Tax Preparation and Planning for people with a disability and their families. 

HERITAGE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (HSDC) - Job Placements, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

HSDC has Job Placements, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities. The benefits of volunteer participation with HSDC.

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