Teaching Awareness Through Puppetry

Teaching Awareness through Puppetry (TAP) teaches sensitivity, awareness and understanding of disabilities and differences through lively and entertaining puppetry. Our goal is to provide an educational experience to help students accept differences in themselves and in others. TAP covers a variety of disabilities, medical conditions and social issues. Performances are given by skilled volunteer puppeteers for children in grades 1-3, 4-6 and girls only grades 6-8. TAP’shighly-trained volunteer puppeteers travel across the Greater Toronto Area and other Ontario communities upon request to deliver lively scripted educational performances. Through the magic of tabletop puppetry, the audience is encouraged to interact with the puppets in a safe and non-threatening environment. Each performance is followed by a question and answer period between the puppets and the students. Questions are answered in an open and supportive way.
The Program:
Please contact TAP for more information about all of the topics that can be presented. To arrange a visit call 416-964-9095 or email tap@epilepsytoronto.org or visit TAP’s NEW website: www.tap-toronto.com.
You can even ask a puppet a question about spina bifida or hydrocephalus. Visit the TAP website www.tap-toronto.com “Ask a Puppet a question” section.
Meet Andrew!
Andrew has hydrocephalus, and the script to go along with this puppet teaches children about the condition and how to relate to a fellow student who has it.
Meet Bonnie!
She has spina bifida. In her script she teaches her friend about spina bifida and about her love of acting and performing.
Meet Mara!
She has spina bifida and is excited about a day of skiing. Students learn about her love of, and ability to downhill ski despite living with spina bifida.
Fun, Fun, Fun Activities
Here are some activities you can do to learn about hydrocephalus and spina bifida along with Mara, Andrew and Bonnie from TAP
Teaching 1
Teaching 2
Teaching 3
Teaching 4
Teaching 5
Teaching 6
Teaching 7
Teaching 8
Teaching 9
Teaching 10
Teaching 11
Teaching 12
Teaching 13
Teaching 14
Teaching 15
Teaching 16
Teaching 18
Teaching 19
Teaching 20
Teaching 21