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Lessons in Life: A Teacher’s Story

A Book By Roger DiBattista

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing first time author, and Hydrocephalus Canada member, Roger DiBattista about his book, Lessons in Life: A Teacher’s Story. Roger was born to Italian immigrant parents on July 30, 1953. Soon after his birth, doctors told his parents that Roger had hydrocephalus. Read on to find out a little more about Roger, his fulfilling life, and his experience of writing this book.
HC Is this your first book?
RD Yes, this is my very first book.
HC What inspired you to write this book?
RD I belong to a Hydrocephalus Support Group on Facebook and I am always giving advice to parents of children who have this devastating disease. So, I decided to write my own story about how I overcame my obstacles with Hydrocephalus and was able to become successful in my career as a teacher and in my personal life as well. (i.e. married, have a family, bought a house, travel)
HC Did you self-publish? If not, how did you find a publisher?
RD I was searching the internet and found Tellwell Publishing and used them. They are located in British Columbia and they were amazing from start to finish.
HC What is your favourite book?
RD I don’t really have a favourite book. However I do enjoy a good mystery/thriller especially if it is related to true events.
HC Who is your favourite writer and why?
RD Once again, I don’t really have a favourite writer. If I find something that interests me, I will read it no matter who the author is.
HC Did you have to do a lot of research for the book? Where did you find information? Was HC a source?
RD I just based my book on personal experiences and went from there. I did use the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to get the exact definition of Hydrocephalus.
HC Did you have to do a lot of research for the book? Where did you find information? Was HC a source?
RD I had to be in the correct frame of mind to write this book. I began writing it about 5 years ago and then I put it aside. I came across my rough notes last March when Covid hit and thought, ‘why not?’ So I picked up from where I left off and continued on and completed the book. I had to decide how many chapters, who should be highlighted and what the sequence would be. I had to make sure all the information was correct as well.
HC Was there a moment in the writing when you wanted to give up? If so, what kept you going?
RD Not at all. Once I began, there was no stopping me. I had one goal in mind and that was to reach out to parents with children who had this dibilitating disease and to try and encourage them. I didn’t want these parents to have to go through what my parents had to go through.
HC What was the hardest part of your book to write? What made it so difficult?
RD I think the chapter where my friend whom I had met in the hospital and with whom I spent a lot of time, had passed away while I was there. This was a difficult chapter to write as I re-lived the entire scenario. His death still bothers me to this day.
HC Did you have a lot of support writing this book? Do you have a message for the people who supported you?
RD I have a great nucleus of people behind me. It begins with my parents Emidio and Antonietta DiBattista, first and foremost. They were always there by my side 100%, My sister Lea and my brother-in-law Albert. My wife Eveline and my daughter Alicia and son-in-law Peter. As well, I have a very large group of friends who have been there for me all these years and have known about my situation with Hydrocephalus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone I have mentioned and let them know that I love and appreciate them for all they have done for me and for their endless support.
HC What do you want people reading your book to get out of reading it?
RD My main reason for writing this book was to not only tell my story, but to inform people about Hydrocephalus and to let them know that, diagnosed early enough, and with the right treatments, then can live a normal and good life. My message to parents is clear, ‘never give up, forge ahead and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.’
HC Where can people get your book?
RD My book is available first of all through me, if people live in the Hamilton area. Also, it is available online at Amazon, Indigo/Chapters and also with e-book, through Kobo Rakuten and Kindle. In the United States you can get the book through Barnes & Noble. The cost depends on where you order it from. I would say the price range is anywhere from 9.99 – 15.00. In the States the price would differ.
Roger and his wife are proud Hamilton residents.

Read this great story about him that appeared in the Hamilton Spectator.

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