Remembering Dr. Gentili

Noted neurosurgeon, Dr. Fred Gentili passed away recently after a battle with cancer. So many people will miss him. Including many of our members.

Dr. Gentili helped people with hydrocephalus, and other issues related to spina bifida. He performed vital surgery, and lent his humanity every day. Dr. Gentili passionately cared for everyone he treated. He gave the next generation of doctors the benefit of his knowledge and experience. Read his obituary:

Dr. Gentili spent much of his career at The University Health Network (UHN). He helped countless people with hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida throughout his time there. UHN presented a touching tribute to him.  Part of their tribute is a wonderful video. It features Dr. Gentili discussing life as both a physician and patient. A deep-seated need to make the world a better place fueled his dedication to medicine.


UHN tribute:

UHN video: