Hydrocephalus Canada

Cassie Fruck

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Cassie Fruck

Cassie was born with hydrocephalus. The doctors saw it on ultrasound - she had an intraventricular hemmorage when she was in my tummy.

She got a shunt at MacMaster Children's Hospital when she was 3 weeks old, but developed a shunt infection and had a rocky few weeks. Cassie had her shunt externalized and then removed and had to have IV antibiotics for six weeks. Cassie was able to come home and lived without her shunt to clear up her infection.

When the ventricles were very full and she started to show signs of hydrocephalus again she got her second shunt. Thank God Cassie has done well with her second shunt. We have had a couple of scares when Cassie got sick thinking it maybe her shunt again but it has turned out to be other things.
Cassie also has cerebral palsy from her brain injury and her left side is weaker than her right.

Despite these obstacles Cassie is a wonderful four year old.

She goes to daycare and has lots of friends. She enjoys playing with her big sister Julia. She rides horses for TEAD (Equestrian for disabled) and pretty much keeps up doing everything her peers do.

This winter she tackled skating and as always continues to make us proud.

- Submitted by Kathy Fruck, Spring 2005