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Books on Hydrocephalus

Benny the Bear with Hydrocephalus Series:

Benny Gets Better - Benny the bear finds out he has hydrocephalus and needs to have a shunt operation.
Benny’s New Shunt - Benny’s shunt stops working and he goes to the hospital. The doctors fix his shunt and he goes home to get better.
Benny Goes to School - Benny is starting a new school and he helps the kids in his class understand what hydrocephalus is all about.
Benny Goes on Holiday - Benny and his family go on vacation

All About Me (and my shunt) - Easy for kids to understand what hydrocephalus is and what a shunt is.

Detour Ahead - This storybook follows Timmy, a young boy with hydrocephalus who falls ill. His parents take him to the doctor, where he has tests that determine his shunt isn’t working properly and he needs surgery. Through this experience Timmy learns and understands his condition and how the shunt helps his body by acting just like a detour. This charming book will help parents and children recognize the signs of shunt malfunction and help ease fears about shunt surgery.

My Brain Won’t Float Away - Annie, an 8 year old living with hydrocephalus lets the reader get a glimpse of her fears, self-discovery and triumphs. Written with humor, honesty and compassion for children ages 6-10.

Just Like Any Other Little Beagle - Follows Barney Beagle, who has hydrocephalus, and his family through a routine office visit with the neurosurgeon. Hydrocephalus is explained in an easy-to-understand way, with diagrams and pictures.


Books on Spina Bifida

Right Under My Nose-A Book for Children with Spina Bifida Demonstrates a young child with spina bifida and hydrocephalus (sb/h) leading a full life with dreams, challenges and independence.

Promotes self-advocacy in children with disabilities and is designed to help youngsters with sb/h understand their condition and discover new ways to enrich their lives.

Addresses challenges children may have including their movement, bathroom routines, exercise needs, diets and scars.

The tip and activity pages offer child-friendly answers to frequently asked questions and will open and guide discussion about spina bifida and hydrocephalus. These pages will help your child ask questions they may be afraid to ask, gain understanding and hope and realize they are not alone.

An excellent resource for you, your family and your child with sb/h.

Another Way to Go for Boys and Girld - When Timmy and Becky go to school and use the bathroom they sees that the other boys and girls don’t use a catheter like they do. They both wonder why they are  different. Timmy and Becky ask their moms why and each child's parent helps them learn that they are just like the other boys and girls in many ways and that using a catheter is just another way to go.

Medical Facts About Spina Bifida - Kids picture book that is easy to read about spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Millie & Russell Series:

Swimming Success -Millie and Russell are young people living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Like many young people living with these conditions, they deal with bowel incontinence issues. In this booklet Millie and Russell take the reader on a learning journey through the ups and downs of managing a bowel that doesn’t work properly.

Goes to Camp -Millie and Russell are young people living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Like many young people living with these conditions, they deal with bladder incontinence issues. In this booklet Millie and Russell take the reader on a learning journey through the ups and downs of managing a bladder that doesn’t work properly.


Disability Related Books

Don’t Call Me Special-A First Look at Disability - A picture book that explores questions and concerns about disability in a simple and reassuring way. Younger children can find out what a disability is and learn how people deal with their disabilities to live happy and full lives.

A Very Special Critter – About a kid who is starting a new school and uses a wheelchair. The other kids learn he is capable of doing most things for himself and some things he needs help with from his new friends.

Rolling Along With Goldilocks and the Three Bears - A story about someone living with a disability, their friends and acceptance.

Lee the Rabbit with Epilepsy – Makes epilepsy easily clear for kids, siblings and friends.

Patrick and Emma Lou – About two kids who share their experiences living with a disability. Patrick uses a walker and is having a hard time getting use to walking with it. His friend, Emma Lou who uses a wheelchair and has spina bifida helps him adjust and learn something about himself.

Nick Joins In -About a young boy who uses wheelchair. Tells how a little boy manages in his new classroom and makes new friends. Nick also shares his fears and concerns surrounding this new experience and the other children’s reaction to this new situation

Invincible - Tired of her parents’ overly protective rules, Princess Lena decides to disobey the King and Queen’s command to stay behind the gates of the royal palace.

Ten years of seclusion has been long enough. A new world beckons outside the high walls of the castle grounds. Now, her identical twin, Meg, must decided whether to share Lena’s journey to a new life.

Readers will want to befriend Lena and Meg. They are clever mystery solvers and compassionate adventurers and they are leaders who model how we can truly embrace and learn from one another, regardless of physical capacity or appearance.