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Reducing Stress - Activity #1

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Stress is part of life from growing up to growing old, facing changes and illness, working, caring for family members and so on. Negativity, trying to respond to everyone’s needs, multiple responsibilities and isolation all raise stress levels. We are all capable of learning to manage stress. It is not always possible to avoid stressful situations, but we can learn to react in positive ways. In some cases, stress can be good. But, excessive stress can cause problems if you don’t cope with it effectively.

What is stress?

Questions to Ask Yourself About Stress

  • What do you know about stress?
  • What tells you that you are under stress?
  • Is it how you behave?
  • Is it how you feel?
  • Is it how your body reacts?
  • Describe your own physical and emotional response to stress.
  • Please describe a stressful situation in your life?

Questions to Help You Identify Stressful Situations in Your Own Life

Do you feel stressed by competition (at school, athletics/sports, hobbies, etc)?
Do you feel stressed if you are doing well in school but only have a few friends?
Do you feel stressed when you have many friends but have difficulty with school work?
Do you feel great pressure to achieve? From others? From yourself?
Do you feel stressed because you need to work slowly?
Is needing/trying to please everyone a problem for you?