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Feb, 10-2011 02:32
CTV National news reports:   A delicate form of surgery performed while a baby is still in the womb could vastly change the outcomes for children born with spina bifida, reveals a long-...
Feb, 08-2011 12:45
The National Post reports researchers at McGill University support fortifying bread and other food with folic acid. Women should also take supplements before and around the time they get pregnant, a r...
Jan, 14-2011 11:47
Folic-acid levels in store-bought spinach as much as double after nine days under fluorescent lighting, according to new research highlighted in the January 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest.
Jan, 12-2011 02:41
What will the researchers be doing? As a participant in this study, they will show your child pictures of children doing different activities and ask your child if they participate in the activities...
Jan, 11-2011 03:14
In 2011 we want to showcase Ontario’s accessibility success stories to a modern audience. So we’re very pleased to tell you about our new YouTube accessibility channel – www.youtube....
Jan, 10-2011 10:06
Read the essay by past SB&H Board Member, Mary Dufton entitled I Was Actually Terrified of the Gym that was recently published in the Globe & Mail.
Jan, 10-2011 07:51
Alexandra Houle is not your average 18-year-old...
Jan, 06-2011 10:50
A recent report in the Journal of Biological Chemistry notes if all women who could become pregnant consumed recommend amounts of folic acid before and during pregnancy, the risks of neural tube defec...
Dec, 14-2010 10:48
WATERLOO - a University of Waterloo-led engineering research team has discovered a breakthrough technique that allows experts to see how humans cells and tissues evolve and grow in the embryo.
Nov, 19-2010 12:58
On November 15, 2010, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced $15m in start-up funds for a new research initiative called the Ontario Brain Institute.