Hydrocephalus Canada


Apr, 18-2011 07:28
This project is a university based research study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through the Bright Futures for Children with Disabilities initiative.
Mar, 22-2011 10:41
Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most common and costly secondary health complications for people with spinal cord injuries. Neurogenic bladders, resulting from spinal damage, require th...
Mar, 21-2011 08:57
Online survey open until March 27, 2011: Let Your Voice Be Heard re: School Health Support Services.
Mar, 21-2011 08:43
OACRS (Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Services) recently launched a creative advocacy campaign entitled "every kindergarten kid matters" to capture the attention of Ontario...
Mar, 16-2011 12:55
The Windsor Star featured a story about a local couple who are traveling to Philadephia, Pennsylvania for in-utero surgery to close a spina bifida lesion on their unborn child's back . Read the whole...
Mar, 08-2011 11:39
Dr. Michael Cusimano and Bojan Garic of the Division of Neurosurgery at St. Michael's Hospital are conducting a study assessing the factors which influence the willingness of individuals with NPH to e...
Mar, 08-2011 10:18
If you are an adult with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, please consider doing a short online survey.
Feb, 23-2011 03:42
Folic acid is such an important vitamin that it has been added to white flour, enriched pasta and cornmeal products in Canada since 1998.
Feb, 18-2011 02:43
Surgery in womb spares babies worst effects of spine defect . Delicate operation showed such a clear benefit that the study was stopped early.
Feb, 18-2011 02:43
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