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SUMMER STUDENT JOB OPPORTUNITY: Bloorview Research Institute summer student opportunity in pediatric rehabilitation research for undergraduate students with disabilities

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Funded by: Bloorview Research Institute

The Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) established the summer student work placement opportunity for students with disabilities to enhance the inclusion of young people with disabilities in pediatric rehabilitation research. This work placement will expose young people with disabilities to the field of research and pediatric rehabilitation and provide them with the opportunity to experience a unique mentorship experience. Through this position, successful applicant(s) will work with their mentor on a research project, attend our Lunch ‘n’ Learns and participate in the annual Ward Summer Student Research Day where they will have an opportunity to present their findings to the organization and its visitors.

Supervisors available to accept a student for this position for this summer (2018) include:
• Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou
• Dr. Deryk Beal
• Dr. Elaine Biddiss
• Dr. Jessica Brian
• Dr. Azadeh Kushki
• Dr. Amy McPherson 
• Dr. Fiona Moola
• Dr. Melanie Penner
• Dr. Steve Ryan

This BRI summer student opportunity in pediatric rehabilitation research will be awarded to 1-2 students who meet the following eligibility criteria:
- Currently enrolled in a full or part-time undergraduate or college program with a minimum cumulative average of 75% over the last two years.
- Pursuing any field of study that has potential to bring value to research in pediatric rehabilitation. Typical fields of study include, but are not limited to a particular discipline. Examples include: engineering, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, social work, psychology, sociology, health sciences, nursing, pediatrics, health policy, etc.
- Demonstrated interest in working with one of the supervisors available to accept students, listed above. Please clearly indicate in your cover letter, a maximum of 3 supervisors you would be interested in working with.
- Have lived experience with physical, cognitive, developmental, neurodevelopmental disorder or disability, or brain injury.
- Candidates must be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status (and eligible to work in Canada)


Compensation Details
The program runs for 12 weeks from May 7, 2018-July 27, 2018.  Students will be paid $14.00 per hour based on a 37.5 hour week (full-time), less statutory deductions, including 4% in lieu of vacation and relevant statutory holiday pay. Students will be paid biweekly through payroll. Part time employment will be considered if requested by the candidate.

Applicants will be supervised by one or more scientists at Bloorview Research Institute (depending on availability of scientists).

Application process
Applications will be selected based on:
• Academic achievements (transcripts and resume)
• Letter of recommendation (i.e., academic reference)
• 200-word cover letter outlining career interests and goals

Candidates should submit their application through Holland Bloorview's Current Openings website to the relevant job posting.

Please submit the following in one (1) pdf file in the order indicated below:
- cover letter including the supervisors (up to three) you would be interested in working with, your lived experience and interest in pediatric rehabilitation research (200-word description outlining career interests and goals)
- most recent unofficial academic transcript
- resume
- one letter of recommendation

Please be sure to give some indication that you fit the criteria for this student placement in your application package. This placement is for individuals with physical, cognitive, developmental, neurodevelopmental disorder or disability, or brain injury. Application packages that do not clearly indicate this may not be selected for review.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all of their documentation (including transcripts and reference letters) are received by February 22, 2018. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered. It is recommended that applicants arrange for their reference letters well in advance of the deadline.

Finalists will be interviewed by an appointments committee (in person/ by phone)

Recipients of the award will be asked to participate in promotional activities upon receipt of the scholarship (including publishing their name, picture and career goals).

If the person providing your reference wishes to submit directly to BRI they can do so by emailing brievents@hollandbloorview.ca, noting in the subject line your first and last name, as well as the last name of the scientist(s) you have applied to work with.

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