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SB&H Founder and Past President, Mike Bailey has passed away

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Mr. Mike Bailey passed away on January 13 at 6am, at St. Josephs at Fleming long term care in Peterborough Ontario. Mike was in his 93rd year and passed away peacefully. He will be laid to rest on January 17th, in Highland Park Funeral Centre, 2510 Bensfort Rd. Peterborough Ontario. K9J 1C5, at 2pm.

In the 1970s, Mike and his family lived in Toronto. Tim, the youngest of their five children, was indirectly responsible for the formation of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario, then referred to as SBHAO for short. The most important objective of the Association back then was "to find out why this birth defect happened.", says Mike. "And we also felt it was important to have an association of parents to identify our needs with government."

So, a board was elected and Mike began his annual treks to the American spina bifida conference to keep up with the latest developments.

Mike's generosity didn't just benefit the Association. In the mid seventies, Mike set up a foundation at Sunnyview school, where his son Tim attended classes, to provide much needed equipment for the many financially disadvantaged children. That fund grew over 20 years to over $500,000!

Mike wanted SB&H to go in that same direction and create a foundation to raise funds. Although we went in a different organizational direction, we have kept the same dedication and focus on helping individuals and families whose lives are affected by hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida as Mike and the others responsible for starting this organization almost 40 years ago.

The heart and soul of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario is deeply rooted in the hard work, spirit, and hope demonstrated by Mike Bailey. The building blocks laid in those early years have made many of our breakthroughs possible. Thank you Mr. Bailey.