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International Day of Disabled Persons - Disabling Poverty/Enabling Citizenship

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Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. December 3rd is a day of celebration.  A day Canadians with disabilities, their families and allies reflect on how we have and must build a more Accessible and Inclusive Canada. Much can be celebrated. Taking the long view, the lives of Canadians with disabilities and their families have improved. This has required continued vigilance and a collective commitment to the removal of barriers and creation of appropriate supports.  The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) wants to remind Canadians that having a disability must not mean a lifetime of living in poverty. 

CCD for the last five years has directed a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council project looking at poverty and disability.   We have examined several critical questions:

• Who are the people with disability living in poverty?
• How adequate are income and support programs in alleviating poverty?
• What legal protections exist for Canadians living in poverty?
• What policy reform options could break the cycle of poverty and disability?

Key research findings and policy reform options were presented in an open forum on Tuesday December 2nd at the Delta Ottawa Hotel.   To Arrange Interviews Contact Laurie Beachell CCD National Coordinator
Cell 204 981-6179 or email:  laurie@ccdeonline.ca