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Complete a Survey on Self-Care of Adults with Spina Bifida

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My name is Karlin Bruegel, and I'm a 5th year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student at Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, California. I am also a person with SB myleomeningocele and hydrocephalus.

My dissertation research focuses on the self-care of adults with SB--basically, how we take care of ourselves, why we take care of ourselves, how capable or competent we feel we are to manage our SB, and the supports and obstacles we encounter on our daily quest to stay healthy and manage our SB-related issues.

My hope is that the findings from this survey might ultimately be used to help educate and support people with SB, their physicians, and their families.

The purpose of this post is to invite adults (aged 18+) with spina bifida to take the survey, and post what questions and comments they may have to the survey's official Facebook page.

To learn about and take the survey, go to the link below:


The Facebook page for the survey can be accessed at the following link:


Thank you so much for your participation!