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Canadian National Exhibition Association Announces Implementation of New Admissions Program for the 2018 CNE

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Toronto, ON (May 25, 2018) -- The Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA) is pleased to confirm the implementation of its revised admissions program for the 2018 fair, following consultation with stakeholders and the public, and the recommendations of an independent CNE Advisory Council for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, as announced last year.

The CNEA will be introducing a 50 per cent discount off regular admission for people with disabilities who self-declare; and those with an Access 2 card will receive free admission for their support person. This discount will be applied to in-person, regular-priced gate purchases only. The revised CNE admissions program, effective August 17, 2018, will be similar to the policies of other local attractions such as the Toronto Zoo.

The new admissions program is one of six broader organizational goals of the CNEA to ensure it remains at the forefront of accessibility. Other initiatives that are underway include updating hiring processes, instituting governance reforms, and refreshing fair programming and services to enhance the event experience for all.

“Updating our policies has been a positive and educational experience for our organization,” said Virginia Ludy, Canadian National Exhibition Association CEO. “Through these initiatives, we hope to build on the CNE's proud tradition of being inclusive for all communities.”

The CNEA has also partnered with ministries and departments within the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario to help identify vulnerable populations and make 20,000 free passes available for those in economic need. Further details on the availability of these passes will be provided on July 4, 2018 through the CNE’s website, www.TheEx.com.

To learn more about the Access 2 Program, including specific details on how to apply for an Access 2 Card, payment options, and answers to some frequently asked questions, please visit www.access2card.ca; or contact Easter Seals Canada for more information at 1-877-376-6362.

About the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE):
Founded in 1879, the Canadian National Exhibition is Canada’s largest community celebration and the sixth largest fair in North America. The 2017 CNE attracted 1.56 million people over 18 days, and the fair has an annual economic impact of  $128.3 million on the province of Ontario and $ 93.1 million on the city of Toronto. www.TheEx.com