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Coloplast’s story began in 1954 when out of compassion for her 32-year-old sister Thora, nurse Elise Sorensen developed a product solution for Thora’s ostomy. The world’s first disposable ostomy pouch provided the confidence and security required for Thora to leave her home and significantly contributed to the quality of her life.

Coloplast was established in 1957, and since that time, the spirit of Elise Sorensen has been in the company. Coloplast is driven by a passion to consistently provide better products and services in order improve the quality of life for our customers. Some of the newest products that Coloplast offers are a testament to that fact.

Today, Coloplast is an international company with over 7000 employees worldwide, specializing in products for continence, urology, ostomy, skin and wound care.

For free samples, please call 1-866-293-6349, or send an e-mail to: ca_conspe@coloplast.com

Visit www.coloplast.ca for more information.

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