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SB&H Continues Partnership with Ontario based EmergencyID

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SB&H is pleased to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Ontario-based EmergencyID. As a special offer, anyone interested in the safety and assurance of a custom medical ID product - including bracelets, necklaces, wallet cards and ID tags – can order direct from EmergencyID and save 10%, regardless of the total value of the purchase.

EmergencyID products allow for quick identification of medical conditions in situations where you may not be able to speak for yourself. Paramedics are trained to look at wrists, ankles and neck for medical identification, so wearing a medical ID product ensures first responders can give a prompt diagnosis and act decisively. Choose whatever custom engraving is most important to you, including medical conditions, allergies, and required medications. If you’re involved in sports or travel, add a datafile at no extra charge to provide doctor and emergency contact names and numbers.

EmergencyID’s attractive and affordable customized products range in price from $15 to $69, including shipping, and there are never any membership fees. Visit their website at www.emergencyid.ca, and use promo code “SBHAO” at checkout. If you have questions, contact them at 1-888-999-3963 or info@emergencyid.ca to get your 10% discount today!