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Dr. Ruth Donnelly - MAB Biography

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Dr. Ruth Donnelly, PhD, C.Psych.

Dept. of Psychology
The Hospital for Sick Children

Educated at Smith College in Massachusetts and at the University of Toronto. I obtained my Ph.D. in Experimental Cognitive Psychology in 1988.

Dr. Donnelly conducts neuropsychological assessments of a wide variety of Neurosurgery patients, including kids with hydrocephalus, traumatic brain injuries, arterio-venous malformations, brain cysts, and non-malignant tumours.

Her research interests centre on kids with hydrocephalus and kids with acquired brain injuries.

Dr. Donnelly is currently a co-investigator with Dr. Abhaya Kulkarni, SickKids Neurosurgery, on a study examining cognitive, emotional, and physical outcomes for children with hydrocephalus.