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Dr. Adrianna Ranger - MAB Biography

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Dr. Adrianna Ranger, MD, FRCSC

Pediatric Neurosurgery
London Health Sciences Centre-Victoria Hospital

Dr. Ranger is a Guelph native who graduated from McMaster University medical school in 1993 and completed her residency training in neurology at Western in 1999. She did a year's fellowship training in pediatric neurosurgery in Ottawa and has particular interest in critically head-injured children and the treatment of brain swelling from trauma.

Dr Ranger is currently Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics at the University of Western Ontario. She is one of the first female neurosurgeons in the country and the first to specialize in pediatric neurosurgery. Dr. Ranger won the prestigious Kenneth Shulman award from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons in 1999 for outstanding basic science research by a neurosurgical resident. She joined the London Health Sciences Centre faculty in 2000.

Dr. Ranger hopes to develop Canada's first intrauterine surgery program at London Health Sciences Centre. If successful, London would become one of the few places in the world to treat neurological birth defects on the fetus before birth.