Hydrocephalus Canada

Coin Box Program

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You can help by putting our coin box in your place of business, in your home, or local retailers. Try to have the coin box displayed at your office reception area or in the lunch room. Many large retail stores may already have a charity of choice however smaller retailers may be more than willing to take several boxes for placement by their cash registers.

All you need to do is monitor the boxes from time to time, empty them when they are full and send us the donations!

Proof that it works! We were the very grateful recipients of the proceeds from the LCBO’s Annual Donation Box Program. In a single year, coin boxes were placed in all 600 stores across Canada during the month of June and we received over $10,000! It all starts with a penny.

Contact SB&H to participate in our Coin Box Program. Contact us by  email provincial@sbhao.on.ca or call 800-387-1575.