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From the earliest days of the Association, we have seen many examples of how shared experience and working together has improved the quality of life of individuals affected by spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. The character and actions of our Ambassadors exemplify those principles.

These specially chosen volunteers have begun raising the profile of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario and the conditions: spina bifida and hydrocephalus.


Meet Our Ambassadors

Danny Lamb

Danny loves music and aspires to be a musician. He is the first to admit that having hydrocephalus has lead him to this path in life. Growing up, Danny loved sports, especially hockey and soccer. Unfortunately, when he was 15 a damaged shunt ended his participation in competitive sports. 

Danny has been singing in church since he was 11. One Sunday, he was approached by Lisa Cosens Brillion, a vocal coach famous for her work in Phantom of the Opera. She asked him if he would like private vocal lessons. He wasn't sure at first, but quickly changed his mind. That was the beginning of something great for Danny - and for anyone who gets to hear him sing.

"Mrs. Johnston", Danny's band has recorded a song entitled, "The Simple Things" and will be releasing it on itunes. According to him, the song was "inspired by Toronto, kids within the Niagara Region with hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida, and all that the Association has done for me. So, in a way, this song belongs to the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario." Danny and the band will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the single on itunes to spina bifida and hydrocephalus organizations around the world, including SB&H.

You can hear the song by going to this link: www.reverbnation.com/themrsjohnstonband and clicking the play button beside the song.

Danny graduated from Brock University in 2012 and is now actively teaching voice lessons and pursuing his career in music with his band, Mrs. Johnston and on other projects. Most notably, over the summer of 2013, Danny and his band mate Jay Baty embarked on the "Song a City" tour across Europe.

The tour has spawned an album. Listen to the first single, PUSH and stay tuned for the album release date!


Read more about Danny and his life with hydrocephalus in two personal stories:

Music Changed My World

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Margaret Gibbs

Margaret Gibbs at the piano

Margaret Gibbs jumping










Margaret is a gifted pianist who worked with the National Ballet School of Canada for 34 years. She has taught at York University, has her own studio and is a senior examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her sense of adventure has lead her to travel to the barely accessible corners of the world and to jump out of an airplane - to raise money for SB&H.

Since accepting the appointment as an SB&H Ambassador, Margaret has contributed greatly to moving the Association forward and has worked to improve the quality of life of many people who's lives are affected by disabilities.


What do our Ambassadors do?

  • Represent and promote SB&H among all communities of interest
  • Act as a catalyst for our community outreach programs
  • Enhance public relations
  • Build awareness and credibility of SB&H and its people helping open doors to potential corporate partners and government leaders


How do they do it?

The possibilities are endless and as varied as the imaginations of our Ambassadors. Their activities may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Making public appearances
  • Sharing their life stories on the SB&H website and in Current Magazine
  • Supporting local events at the provincial and community level
  • Providing their image and/or messages to print ads
  • Speaking to media